Drinking Green Tea Aids Weight Loss While Too Much Of It Has These Surprising Benefits

Weight loss is not the goal of one, two or three. Millions of people are there who want to loose those extra pounds from their legs, arms, waistline, face and the whole body.

You must have seen too many people taking green tea to loose pounds as it has lots of benefits plus it aids weight loss. What can you expect from anyone? One or two cups of green tea are more than enough for them. It is hard to take this amount even. Although listening the benefits of taking 5-6 cups in a day would make you want green tea more than anything else. Let’s have a look.

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Drinking too much of green tea boosts your metabolism and makes you capable of protecting yourself from cold. Green tea is just like a miracle in your mug. Ever thought if one glass can provide you with plenty of benefits then what many glasses of it can do to your body. The result of taking too much of green tea can leave in a surprised state. You are doing right if you are finding yourself taking one or two cups of green tea in a day. Drinking upto five cups in a day decreases the risk of stomach cancer.

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The best results have been observed with taking upto seven cups of tea for loosing weight and boosting metabolism. However consuming 10 cups in a day is the upper limit for all of us. More than that is not at all beneficial for your body. It would be harmful if you exceed the limit. Moreover if you are sensitive to caffeine do not try to go beyond 5 cups as it can harm your body severely. Drinking too much of green tea has negative impacts too. An element called tannin is found in both green and black tea. This substance can decrease the absorption of folic acid in your body.

It is advisable to take a moderate amount is green tea to loose weight or boost your metabolism. Try to limit the intake of green tea if you are pregnant as it may cause serious birth defects in the baby. Despite of the benefits, green tea also has a lot of negative impacts too. It is fine to take upto five cups in a day.

Happy gyming!