Diet V/s Sleep: See What Hinders And What Aids A Good Sleep

Your sleep has a correlation with your night meals. Too much spicy and too heavy are so obvious to avoid but there are a plenty of other things you need to take care of. What you eat and when you eat play a significant role in determining what kind of sleep you get. Most of the people try to stay awake for two hours after taking night meals so that the food can digest well and they may have a good sleep. This is a good start but definitely not enough. You can welcome good sleep by knowing a little about what hinders and what aids a good sleep.

What hinders a good sleep?

– Avoid caffeine for atleast four hours before going to bed. If you have a habit then you can take herbal tea or decaffeinated tea that would not disturb your sleep at night. Caffeine would not let you sleep for several hours. Rooibos is recommended as this is an alternative milky tea which is caffeine free. Camomile is also an option.

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-Next comes saturated food and the food items with high sugar content. This leads to a less restful sleep. These food items provides your body with so much of energy that you dont feel like sleeping anyway.

-Spicy food, as we have already told, it is obvious to avoid spicy food before going to bed. Spicy food basically causes acid reflux or we may call it as a digestive problem.

-Avoid taking too much water just before going to sleep. It disturbs sleep as you have to wake many a times in middle of night to use washroom. Instead of drinking a big glass of water in night, you may have it in the morning.

What aidsĀ a good sleep?

-Protein rich food high in amino acid tryptophan is good to take before going to bed. It helps stimulate a hormone called melatonin that induces sleep. The options include poultry, nuts and seeds.

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-B6 vitamin also stimulates the same hormone. Food rich in Magnesium also benefits for a good night sleep. Almonds can make you a good snack in the evening. In order to have a good sleep at night, you can keep almonds as an option for your evening snacks.

– Green salad also helps in supporting a good night sleep. Chamomile tea is indeed helpful to ensure a deep and restful sleep.