Coolest Places In India To Practice Yoga This Monsoon

The best thing about Yoga is its a mobile activity. You can shift your base to alot of beautiful places in India to perform this divine activity. You can drop down anywhere in order to perform it. You just need cool place plus cool people to do it the right way. Instagram and other social networking sites are loaded with human appearances at airports, headstands or may be mountain tops. Amidst of all this, only a Yogi can understand, how it feels in getting your flow on surrounded by beautiful hearts at a beautiful place. Are you in a search of a right and peaceful place? Here are few coolest places in India to experience the charm this monsoon.

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1. Ananda-

The former royal palace of Maharaja Tehri Garhwal is the best of all places to perform Yoga in the country. The place now features a full service spa with a beautiful view of the holy river Ganges. The place lies in the backdrop of Himalayas. You can also enjoy the view of Himalayas from the place. This spot is renowned for both the perks one can get by performing Yoga here. It is important to make up your mind before performing any activity. If you are a real Yogi then, this place will serve to be best for you. One can also enjoy just sitting at the place.

2. Lord Kitchener’s Former Residence-

It is apt for the people who enjoy lying down in just Kurta Pajamas. Book a room in the Lord Kichener’s former residence if you are a kind of person who would like Kurta pajama laid out for you every single evening to wear to your morning practice. It is now the famous Oberoi’s resort. It offers Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga every sunrise. It lies 8250 above sea level. The description was enough to tempt Yoga lovers. Yogis always need a peaceful place to carry out Yoga and meditation. And this place is simply beautiful and perfect.

3. Govinda’s Indian Ashram-

It serves as a westerner’s yoga option. This place is perfect for all those who just want to have an escape from their everyday stress. It is also budget friendly to escape from your messed up financial conditions. This ashram is located in Vrindavan and is considered as one of the most sacred places of the country. Beautiful grounds with mango trees, parrots and peacocks add up grace to this place. Choose one of these spots if really want to move out of stress for sometime. Rejuvenate your energy and then accomplish your goals in a better way.