Some Common Mistakes As Perceived By Gym Trainers

While we are busy doing our workouts, the trainer is constantly keeping eye on our forms. Do you need this kind of exercise? Do you need that one? Well the things you are doing wrong are not confined to this boundary. You can observe a lot of people doing some wacky things that can make anyone laugh. Perfection is not expected from first timers but it is important for you to know how to eliminate those mistakes so that you can achieve your goal fast. We talked to some gym trainers and got these things as answers-

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Source: Cheatsheet

People get distracted-

Very first on the list is- people get distracted while doing exercises. Do you know how your body functions while you are in the middle of your workouts? In the middle of a workout your body is sending blood to the muscles for which you putting your efforts. When you suddenly stop exercising your heart has to work hard so that it can pump all the blood back up. It is never a good thing to stop in the middle. At this time, your heart is elevated, your body is primed and most importantly, you are in the fat burning zone. People generally get distracted to check other people or some text on phone.

Expecting so much at once-

If you just completed a month going to the gym then you should not expect much. Do not expect to look like a chiseled statue. It is good to make some goal but do watch your improvements as you are at the initial step. Do not keep saying that you want to look like some celebrity or some chiseled guy. Just see if you are gradually reaching your goal or not. The elite athletes and celebrities you see have to exercise like beasts and there whole world moves around this only. Just focus on the changes you see in yourself.

Do not do same exercise over and over again-

In order to avoid weight loss plateau you need to tweak your exercises regularly. Our bodies are smart enough to perceive the changes. If you follow the pattern regularly then you might face a plateau which is not good at all. You can also alter your rest periods between the exercises you do.

Skipping warm up-

Warm up is always important before doing any kind of exercise or sports activity. It gets the blood flowing and at the same time it warms the muscles. Whether you are doing cardio or weights, warm-up helps you perform better.