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How to choose your perfect hairstyle

It’s your birthday and you’re going to be the center of attention, but don’t know how to handle it. It’s the New Year’s Eve and you want to look your best but again clueless about how to get that perfect hairstyle. Well, we are here to make your work easier.

When deciding on the right haircut for yourself, there are 6 basic things to consider before you step into the salon: your face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, personality, body shape and wishes.

The Shape of Your Face: Does It Really Matter?

Most of us know our face shape can matter to a haircut. Women want to know if they are a round, long, oval, square or heart shape and they want to know what hairstyles work best with their face shape.

But the truth is, not every person needs to bother with her face shape. Why? Because your face shape only matters if you have a feature you’d like to downplay like a pointy chin or a large forehead or a really long face. The right hairstyle will downplay those features, whereas a wrong one can highlight them.

If you have a basic oval face with normal features, then your face shape matters less than your hair texture will, or your lifestyle.

 Why Your Hair Texture is Important?

Nothing is more important than hair texture when it comes to choosing your best hairstyle, not even your face shape. Your hair’s natural texture and shape may dictate your hairstyle, your hair length and how your stylist cuts your hair.

There are basically 6 different types of hair texture (fine, straight, wavy, coarse, frizzy and curly) and it’s important to know your hair texture and what cuts work well with it, otherwise you could end up with a terrible haircut for your curly hair or a style that leaves your fine hair looking limp and sad.

It’s also important to know your hair texture because you’ll be able to choose the right styling methods, styling products and styling tools for your particular hair.

Always Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are a girly-girl who loves to spend time every morning tending to her hair, then almost any hairstyle will work for you. But be careful about getting a high-maintenance hairstyle, cut or colour if you are someone who really can’t be bothered.

Some lifestyle issues to consider and share with your stylist:

Do you tend to pull your hair back to work out or in the summer? You’ll want to make sure to get a cut that allows enough hair for a ponytail.
Do you blow dry your hair or air dry it? Your stylist will want to ensure he gives you a cut that will look good air dried if that’s your preferred method.
How much time do you have to style your hair?
Do you know how to blow dry bangs correctly? If you get bangs, ask for a blow dry lesson.
It’s important to communicate your lifestyle needs with your stylist. The last thing you want is to leave the salon with a highly complicated haircut that only looks great if you spend an hour getting a professional blowout.

Yes, Your Personality Matters

It may seem odd that a person’s personality should factor into a hairstyle, but it’s actually an important consideration. If you are introspective or have a job where you manage people in a conservative environment, you likely don’t want to bring attention to yourself with a funky hairstyle. Likewise, if you are edgy and funky, why play it safe with a boring hairstyle that everyone else has?

Your individual style and personality is what makes you stand out, or blend in. Even a gorgeous hairstyle won’t look gorgeous on you if you are uncomfortable in it.

Your Body Shape Can Make or Break a Haircut

Your body shape can matter to your haircut particularly if you are tall, petite, curvy or busty. For example, a super tall woman with no curves could look like a pinhead with a pixie hairstyle. And a woman who’s very curvy needs to balance out those curves with some body in her hair.

Your Wish For Your Hair

Do you loathe your hair when it’s cut in layers? Are you secretly worried you will no longer be attractive to men if you cut all your hair off?

You must consider your own personal wishes, loves and peeves when it comes to your hair when getting a new hairstyle. Ask yourself what you love and hate about your hair. If it’s too frizzy or falls flat, tell your stylist.
Communication with your stylist is key. It’s very important to let him or her know what you want, what you like about your hair and what you’d change if you could.

So, it all comes down to your personality and convenience. As we have rounded off all the points, we have no doubt that you’ll be dazzling at the next party.