Celebrities went on extreme diets

These celebrities went on shocking diets to appear the way they look today!

We love to follow their actions. We like to imitate the way they look. The way they carry that expensive stuff catches our eyes even if we do not want to. We grow up envying their looks and flawless skin. How do they look so perfect? It’s not just gym that keeps them shape up their bodies like this. Let’s have look on how these public figures went on extreme diets to look perfect.

Extreme diets followed by celebrities

1. Modonna eats air:

Hard to believe! The diet is called breatharianism which was promoted by Madonna in a Dolce and Gabbana advertisement. This diet finds it base on the fact that humans can also survive on Air and Water. To try this you need to put the food in front of yourself. Bring it closer to the mouth, inhale and put it down again. Moreover, she takes sea vegetables and bacteria diets in order to decrease the amount of bacteria in her poop. Poop! Who thinks about that?

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2. Beyonce:

Famous for her Lemonade album, Beyonce finds association with the title in many ways. This particular diet includes taking a concoction of lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup with water. This stuff can be consumed less than 12 times in a day. It made her lose 9 kgs in 10 days. This extreme diet embraces only lemonade that Beyonce mastered in a few days. It is surprising and hard to follow. We can’t even think of it.

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3. January Jones & Kim Kardashain ate their own placenta:

Can you think of it? Let me first explain what it actually does. It makes your body lose the baby fat. The people who have undergone the same thing claims that it helped them bring their uterus to normal size. It makes the stomach thin. January Jones frozen her placenta into pills and then consumed it. Kim Kardashain also went through the same diet after she came to know about the diet preventing postpartum depression.

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4. Adriana Lima:

The famous model used to remove all solid food from her diet. She is said to survive only on liquid intakes and protein supplements. She works out twice in a day and lives on supplements and protein shakes. A fews days before Victoria Seceret’s fashion show Adriana survived only on liquid diets which made her look like perfectly shaped.

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5. Lady Gaga:

A normal person takes proteins while working out. Juices and glucose are two of the common things we can expect. How about alcohol? Have you seen anyone taking that while working out. Guess what! Lady Gaga does that. Apart from having Whiskey shots in her performances, she does the same while performing exercises.

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