Can’t Go To Gym Everyday? This Happens To Your Body When You Skip It

You are a die hard fitness freak. Nobody, no reason can stop you from doing your daily workouts. But sooner or later, it is definitely going to happen. A day would come when you will start skipping your work outs . The number of workouts you skip will increase and so the days will. Do not fall in the trap of words, we believe you will not do it. But what if you do? In your mind, you have the notion that skipping gym for one day will bring you out of shape. Well! the truth of the day is- it is not so. Just like your mind, your muscles also need sometime to develop.
It is nothing to worry about if you neglect the gym every once in a while.

Sometimes your organs need to rest and recover. Your body will not go out of shape even if you do it for three days. More than a week will however come up with some changes. It will actually throw your fitness level to a point from where you started. So from next time, keep your excuses limited. Keep the extent to a point so that your body does not get out of shape. You must be wondering that how fast does your body will go out of shape if you skip it for more than a week.

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Source: Womenshealthmag

Here’s the answer-

You have worked really hard so far. You consistently tried to increase your goals at Bench press. You never skipped those pain giving push ups and then a week came when you did not feel like going to Gym. What would happen then? The answer for the above mentioned question lies in itself. How fast your body falls out of shape totally depends on how long you kept it away from the fitness center. James Ting, M.D., a board certified physician with Hoag Orthopedic Institute of Irvine, CA once told that your overall fitness and the kind of workout you are missing will also impact your losses.

Do not glue your butt to your favorite couch while you are taking a break from the exercises. May be you can continue the running or some simple workouts that keep your muscles engaged. An immediate break is always harmful. It may be as short as a few days. However, more than that, may lead to a loss in previous weight gain. Moreover, few days off can also improve your mental fitness. Your body and mind both needs some time to recover from the consistent workouts.