Can Pokemon Go Help Anyone Achieve Fitness Goals? Well! Its Happening Guys

What’s your fitness mantra? Gym, jogging or probably GM diet! We have come up with something new that is as interesting as Scavenger hunt or half RPG game. Pokemon Go is taking the nations by storm. It has become an interesting way to achieve fitness goals. How is this happening? If you delve into the depth of the game, there is an extremely effective workout hidden it in this. No, not mind exercise, it’s Walking. The game makes you walk, walk and walk. Walking to office has become an easier task for people now. What exactly is this hype?

Looks like Pokemon Go is giving us the astonishment in installments. Talking about its inception, just a week brought over 7 million downloads to the remarkable game. The best part is that you actually have to take yourself out physically and move through gardens. Pokemon Go integrates the social and physical dynamic. Players are even rewarded to explore new places where they can find different kinds of Pokemons. Moreover, the game keeps you engaged that you do not realize how much you have walked so far. There are about 151 types of Pokemon and searching all them takes a lot of time.

So basically what Fitness has to do with the game?

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Walking is one of the best things one can do to remain fit. Several studies have shown that walking 5000 to 10000 extra steps per day can improve mood and body composition. Pokemon Go makes you walk. The grocery stores, community centers, malls are not just buildings now. They are now Pokemon stops. It pays to hit on as many as you can. You have to walk to hatch the eggs you find at the pokestops. The rarer the Pokemon, the more walking required in order to hatch the eggs.

How can you take the most out of it? There are a few tricks.

Lets have a look-

Pack a healthy meal for yourself- Before you move out for Pokemon hunt, pack a healthy lunch for yourself. You can also walk to a new park so that you can find the rarest pokemon.

Instead of shopping online, try walking around malls for shopping- Malls generally tend to carry more Pokemons. If you choose to move in park then take your dog along for a long walk.

Pokemon Go is interesting plus an easy game to work into a day exploring any city: You can even integrate the training of Pokemon Go with some more advanced form of physical training.