Best Food To Kick Start Your Day!

You all must have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can’t make your mind work will full efficiency until you have a heavy breakfast. Morning food brings you a lot of things along with dedication and concentration in whatever you do. It makes a perfect sense. There are plenty of reasons why breakfast should a part of your meals. It replenishes Glycogen which is a preferred energy source for your brain. Also, it provides your body with fuel and materials needed to repair and build the bodily routines. If you do not feed yourself properly in the morning then your energy might deteriorate rapidly.

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Breakfast is necessary to start several functions in your body

Missing breakfast makes you feel lightheaded and lethargic. Breakfast is necessary to start several functions in your body. The functions include kick starting your digestive systems and metabolism. It is an important meal and we have a lot of reasons to not miss it. Try to manage taking it as it starts a lot of activities inside your body. There is a specific set of food items we should consider taking. These food items include low fact Yogurt, fruits, vegetables, oats, wholegrains and many more items. Here is a little description-

⦁ Complex carb- Complex carbs include wholegrain breads, Oats, buckwheat pancakes and more.
⦁ Protein sources- Protein sources are important for your body as you feel full for a long periods of time if you intake protein. Protein rich food includes Smoked salmon, Seeds, Nuts, Healthy dairy choices, Eggs and more.
⦁ Fruit and vegetables- Fruits are definitely important for you. If you are unable to take fruits in the morning these can also be taken in the evening. Fruit salad or may be sliced tomato can do wonders to your routine.
⦁ Fat sources: You are losing pounds that does not mean you can miss them completely. Avacado, nuts and seeds are fine to intake.

Whether you are losing or gaining weight, breakfast is an important meal that is to be taken compulsorily. If you aspire to gain some pounds then banana shake should be a part of your breakfast where as if you are losing it can be avoided. For all possible reasons it is important to take breakfast.
Have a happy week!