Apple Watch Series 2 Focuses On One Factor- Fitness

Apple watch took birth 18 months ago when it did not possess much potential to carry out everything that the wearer wanted. So now Apple has moved it to the next generation. With iPhone 7 release, Apple watches were witnessed to take a rebirth. The exciting thing about the new watch is- it focuses majorly on Fitness. So would it keep an eye on your workouts? Or it would counts your lengths in a swimming pool. We are not sure about the first one but latter has been made possible by Apple. Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof and the GPS can track a run or a ride.

Apple’s most personal device ever

Apple defined the watch as its “Most personal device ever.” The Apple watch series 2 that went on sale on Friday is seen as health and fitness device by its parent Apple. Every Apple watch is sporty now. The Apple watch now knows what it wants to be in the near future. People projected their dreams and hopes on the delicate little computers that has grown up now. Apple has left the future of watch as undefined. We hope for many more from Apple’s side in the near future. Till then, let;s discuss about what health and fitness has to do with the newly born Apple Watch Series 2.

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Source: The Verge

GPS and Waterproofing both focus on the health and fitness tracking. Addition of GPS is necessary as the runners do not only need to know about mapping their route but also ponder over their pace as they go. You can now leave your iPhone behind on a ride as GPS is in watch only. It activates only when you start your workout. GPS Signal can be hard to maintain in some areas, for that the WiFi connection of watch invisibly pings wireless hotspots along the way. The watch can also plot your bike rides and walk in the city.

Coming to the waterproof feature, Apple Watch can now be used underwater without worrying about how water and chlorine would affect it. It would automatically track your lengths. The new series is resistant to the depth of 50 m. If you use the watch in water then it would require you to enter the pool before starting the workout app. You can end the session by simply twisting one of the bottons on the right side of the watch face. So it does all that.
Isn’t it exciting?