Acid Attack Survivor Walks In NY Fashion Week With All Grace

She is the idol of courage. She is an inspiration for all those who have suffered unfortunate incidents in their lives. Reshma Bano Qureshi- the 19 year old Indian girl suffered an acid attack two years back. She is one among those acid attack survivors who did not only suffer the pain but also inspired all other victims. Recently, the girl got the opportunity to walk in Newyork Fashion week. She opened FTL Moda’s runway show. The show is renowned for showcasing the inner beauty of specially abled people. Earlier than Qureshi, the show also featured models on wheel chair.

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Source: News18

FTL Moda’s runway show

Rehsma Qureshi opened the show in a beautiful white gown with striped panels designed by Mumbai based renowned designer Archana Kochhar. She topped with a silver tiara. The pictures are so beyond the imagination. Reshma looks charming and confident in the pretty gown. The model has survived a vicious acid attack by her brother in law. The unfortunate incident did not stop her from encourageing those who have gone thorugh the same conditions. Reshma with MAKE LOVE NOT SCARS and the logical Indians stood up to protest over the counter sale of acid.

(Photo: Reuters)

Source: news18

In “Beauty Tips By Reshma”, she said, “Many girls become victims of acid attack.” These videos by the the girl direct viewers to sign the petition #EndAcidSale. According to Fashion Week Online, more than 1000 acid attacks are reported in India every year. Between 2012 and 2014, acid attacks have increased by 250% according to the reports of Make Love Not Scars.
This group encourages survivors to lead a productive life. Reshma said in an interview, “I feel really good and yes, very excited.” Just the thing her face could reflect.