Is your home making you feel sick?

5 Signs Your Home Is Making You Feel Sick. Let’s Solve Them For Wellness.

Have you ever thought of just shouting and crying loud at home without any reason? You are just feeling sick without any disease. You feel like your peaceful home is going to eat you soon. Whether it is a big palace or a small one room flat, what you need is your inner peace to start a new day. It might surprise you but there are many factors associated with your home that are making you feel sick. It is not about the size of your home and people living in it, it is about how you treat your house. Have you got the point? Treat your home good and it will surely take care of your expectations and wellness.

Here are the five signs your home is making you sick-

Dust all around-

Keep in mind the dust is not going to affect you instantly but it leaves a long term impact. It puts stress on your immune system and also potentially toxic to your nervous system. Dust is not only a nuisance but also carries dust mites that affects your nasal passages and eyes. Vacuum clean your room everyday and make sure it has a clear filter. In your HVAC system, use HEPA filter. It would significantly minimize the spread of dust all over the floor and things. Wash bedding and drapes often and do not wear shoes in the house.

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Home with elevated humidity-

If your house has high levels of humidity then it can create an environment with mold spreading behind the walls. Mold causes a number of health issues such as chronic sinusitis and nervous system damage. To fix this, you can purchase a humidity monitor to measure the humidity inside. During high levels you can consider opening windows.

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Water leakage is the problem-

Many of you mush have experienced water leakage problem at houses. If not cleaned up properly it accumulates at a particular place and later on spread diseases. You can spot the damage on cracked, peeling paint on the walls.

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Water is coming in your house from outside-

Moisture intrusion is one of the major issues faced by people living in the small areas. Water causes mold problem even if it is in small amounts. You can fix this problem by checking your house for holes, gaps and may be leaks. To reduce the risk of condensation, keep the humidity level of your house below 45 percent.

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House is sealed ultra tight-

Some houses are so tightly sealed that the air cannot circulate. It is important for the air we exhale and the gas our appliances release to b replaced by fresh air. Open doors and windows to use the natural ventilation.

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