10 Surprising Things Your Salon Man Has Been Certainly Hiding From You

Hairstylists are just God for our hair. They take care of one of the most important things associated with our bodies. Hair! People with curls want straight and the one bestowed with straight demands for curls. Ever wondered how difficult it must have been for your salon man to give a life to your hair. To give you those perfect fringes, he thinks a lot in his mind.

Wait, is he hiding something?

1. Words that scare him.

‘Do what ever you want.’ He will never tell you but he is literally dreaded from the fact you don’t have anything in your mind. He has to do everything on his own.

2. He notes his experience with you in his diary.

Everything is there in his notes. The day you behaved good, day you behaved bad, day you were drunk and the day you skipped the tip thing.

Source: Huffington post

3. No appointments on Saturday

He does not want you to be his first customer on Saturday. Saturday is the busiest day for Salon keepers and he does not like the fact that he could not give you the attention you were seeking for.

4.He would not tell you about the offers on Group on and other social networking sites.

Well! That’s obvious.

5. Sometimes when they don’t have client color, they don’t prefer to speak up and instead mix something new!

Because they know very well that clients are much less likely to complain if they know that the stylist is applying what they had before.

Source: Entrepreneur

6. When a mom brings her child for pixie cut

A lice infestation is there. And the hair stylist knows it very well. So to get the situation under control, they just drop the appointment. It saves the embarrassment as well.

7. Reach at least five minutes early

This is the thing your stylist must be thinking about you if you arrive late. What he has in his mind must be- Show some respect. It is a bloody business! 

8. Squeezing you between his appointments irritates him.

If you are in rush, you need to schedule your time better. Do not ask your Salon man to squeeze you in.

9. Layers are the one solution to all issues

They suit on all kinds of face cuts and it is simply a magic trick for your hairstylist. They won’t tell you but it is the simplest way to make hair look different.

10. Trim is not “Just Trim”

It requires skills and knowledge.

So next time you meet your Salon man, give him the basic respect and treat him the way he treats you.